Glitter Grapes

Hey everybody! It’s been an awful long time since I posted, due to a couple of surgeries cramping my crafting abilities, but now I’m back and healthier than ever!  Today my mini me (Juli) got in on the fun. Since her big bro is away at school now she gets to be my sidekick.  So this means one thing at least; it’s so easy a toddler can do it!  

  I was looking for something Juli could participate in, wouldn’t take long, and that she could eat too.  This is really too easy! All you need is some grapes and Jell-o powder.  I’ve also seen it done with crushed up candy, but I already had plenty of Jell-o powder on hand to use so I guess I can try that later 🙂

  You’ll need:

  • Grapes
  • Jell-o powder (1 packet)
  • A plate

  The process:

Rinse your grapes, put on a plate. (leave them wet) 

Pour the powder on to a shallow rimmed plate or dish. 

Take a grape or two and roll them in the powder. (This is where JuJu had fun)

Repeat until all grapes are done and try not to eat them all in the process. 

That’s it! 


 Juli ate one for every one she put in the container for the fridge, and when she was full she helped me finish making the rest so she could play with the Jell-o. Fair warning, the powder turned our fingers red for the afternoon. I wouldn’t wear white for this job. Just in case:)

Thanks for coming by! See you again soon!!


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