Quick and Easy Indoor Hopscotch for Preschoolers!

   So it’s hurricane season in Florida, and that means lots of indoor time for the kiddos.  Before long they are bouncing off the walls, and I have played as much hide and seek and hungry hippos as I can stand! So in order to keep my kids from being TV zombies this weekend, I brought back an old trick that hadn’t been out of the hat since before little Juli was born.  Indoor hopscotch!  This game takes all of three minutes for me to set up from scratch, and only requires construction paper, a marker, scissors, and some painters tape. The beanie babies are optional for children who have the notion to play the tossing beanbags version.  I didn’t have beanbags around, and the kids enjoy having their little buddies play too.  So here’s how I did it… 

  You need;

  • Construction paper
  • A marker
  • Painters tape (comes off easier!)
  • Beanie babies/ beanbags
  • Scissors

Take the construction paper and number 1-10.  The 10 is usually bigger and rectangular, and the rest are squares.  Then arrange them on the floor and tape them down. ( so there are no concussions from slippery paper) 

I had my kiddos both pick out a beanie baby to toss on the squares and they had a blast!  


Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy hopscotching!


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