The DIY Faucet Extender

Hello Ladies and Gents!  So we’ve had a break and moved our entire household a few states north!  Surprisingly during this time, our daughter has become completely potty trained! (even though I fully anticipated a regression because of the move)  The only thing at this point that was holding her back from doing the entire process herself was the fact that even with a stool she couldn’t reach the faucet to wash or even rinse her hands.  and honestly I had a difficult time holding her up while also assisting her with the process.  I needed a solution!

So I went scouring the web for a product to buy and then stumbled upon this DIY idea .  It was perfect, because I had also just figured out that the baby lotion and soap was making the kids skin break out in bumps so I was getting rid of it anyways.  This little hack cost us nothing and is saving us a ton of hand-washing battles!  And it is ridiculously easy!  So here is the breakdown of this project;

You’ll Need:

  • A bottle (I used my old baby lotion bottles, but reasonably other soap bottles etc should work just fine)
  • Scissors or a craft knife (I actually used both)
  • Spray Paint
  • A marker


The Process:

First, of course we need to clean out the bottles.  Empty them and then run some soap and water through until the inside surface is free of lotion or soap.  Ditch the bottle tops, you wont need them for this.

Second, I wanted to draw a rough outline on the outside of my bottle before i cut to help me stay on track.  I found that the outline of the back label was a pretty perfect shape in this case so I followed the edge of the label and just added a spout towards the end of the bottle. On the bottom of the bottle, I made an x.  This will be your starting point for the faucet entry at your sink, but likely you will need to make some additional cuts as I did to make it work for your home!


Now it is time to start cutting long your lines!  The top and bottom of the bottle are actually made thicker, so those areas will be the hardest to get through, and especially if you are working with a craft knife, be extra careful not to cut your fingers! Don’t worry about perfectly following the marker outline, it is a guideline!  I usually follow the outline roughly and then after most of the cutting is done it is easier to go back and straighten things out.


Once you have cut along the marker lines, go size your faucet with the X cut on the bottom.  If the faucet wont fit though the X, try cutting out the X.  If this does not fit your faucet (like it did not fit mine)  then you will need to make a slit on the top to fit the faucet.  The bottle will keep enough tension on it to hold it in place.  There are a million different faucets out there and one cut will not fit them all, so just tinker with it a bit and you’ll find the right balance.

Now, you’re ready to paint! again, make sure the bottle is clean, dry, and free of cutting scraps!  If there is any lotion or soap left on and you try to paint over it, the paint will come off!. Also, if your bottle has any rough or sharp edges, give them a quick sand.  Mine did not end up being sharp so I skipped this part and went straight to the paint!  I chose lime green for my bathroom downstairs, and gold for the upstairs!  Both of them look pretty cool.  I ended up needing two coats, top and bottom.  This part is probably the most time consuming because you have to wait between coats.

After the paint dries you are done!  Attach it to your sink and enjoy not having to hold your toddler in the air while simultaneously washing their hands!

Questions?  Tips?  Feel free to leave me a comment!  Thanks for stopping by!


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